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Those Brown Eyes

I lived before you,
as stone
or shadow,
buried deep
within a cave.

these flaws of mine
pounding in the depths of my soul
when I speak to you.

Or perhaps,
when I gaze into your brown eyes,
as we talk,
I see a universe of stars
that bring me out of the cave,
to glance down at the stone,
and notice the rose
that grows at your feet;
its roots
breaking the granite
that has encrusted my heart.

Yes perhaps,
behind those brown eyes
inside your skull
is a universe of dreams
I’d like to hear
and see.

1 thought on “Those Brown Eyes”

  1. I’m sure there are a few errors, this is pure ad lib. I was getting thoughts out of my head. I’ll go back over it, if and when I choose to put it in a book. I have not even looked at it after I wrote it.

    So thanks for reading, and the advice.
    I’ll keep it in mind.

    I. D. Emory Laughing Wolf


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