The Kitchen

Sitting on the patio,

Sitting on the patio,
Finished closing the restaurant down
Having a beer,
and just watching the city
its quiet tonight
Some cars are moving about on peachtree st.
And a couple pf people
Really not much
As i said before
All the stove and ovens and eyes are on pilots
The large stock pot
Is working away
On the remi.

My knee is telling me winter is coming on.
And a woman walks by with her phone to her face.
I watch her.
Wondering if she will walk into something,
But she doesn’t
At least not while I ‘m watching her.

It’s time to check all the doors
Make sure they’re locked.
And go home
Tomorrow is fish day.
Salmon, skate, lupe de meir, cod and sole are coming in.
And i got to butcher ’em.

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