A question 21jan2022

my knuckles bleed from knocking on the door but no one answer, and it’s locked. no way in nor no way out. it all depends what perspective one has. I am tired of those on the right and those on the left thinking their way is the only way. Why can’t people just meet in the middle and work it out?

Has does one start.
To understand
This cancer thing
This realizing
That life is not as long as you might think.
Though actually didn't think
I'd make it this far.
But now that i have.
I need some more time.
To finish what I have begun.


The Cancer Cave

I sit here,
In the cancer cave
Mask covering face
So i can only breathe
My own stale air.
At times
I have to lower it
To get some fresh air.

I am being Chernobyled
At the spot.
Where the cells decided
They wanted to do things
their way;
not the way of the body;
Not the way of the Mother;
At least I don't think so.

So as i wait.
I decided with nothing to do.
To type out words.
Maybe questions.

One question is
Why has my sight
Been only being looked at by
Almost every other day.?

My name,
Echos through the cave.
Bouncing back and forth
Along the walls.
So i say so long.
Time to be chernobyled.