The Front Door

I have a muddy heart,
for I have lived in the river a long time.
The night mud was my home
With the catfish, eels, and tadpoles.

Albeit, life lives within these waters,
surging through the excrement of death.
So love flows through time.


[this whole thing is a work in progress.
for over a while a friend of mine hounded me to start a blog,
when I was young I used to leave poems on my friends doors.
so to me this is like that.
as I figure this thing out, and how to do the pages, and things the whole sight will begin to look better.
I have a lot of work as you’ll see, books, paintings, even songs,
which I haven’t figured out how to post on the sight.
oh my printer informs me that it is actually site not sight,
but i still seem to type sight so……

just bear with me as I move in.]