POETRY, Struck by Lightening

choose one

Car or Truck?
Cat or Dog?
Spider or Centipede?
Bird or Fish?
Ladder or Tunnel?
Beer or Wine?
Food or Water?
CDs or Albums?
Movie or Theater?
Live or Memorex?
Candle or Light bulb?
Pencil or Pen?
Sleeping bag or Blanket?
Box or Bag?
Plastic or Paper?
River or Road?
Water or Air?
Vegetable or Fruit?
Cow or Goat?
Horse or Donkey?
Book or TV?
Picture or Painting?
Bell or Horn?
Door or Window?
Oven or Air conditioning?
Basil or Thyme?
Garlic or Ginger?
Weed or Alcohol?
Ant or Elephant?
Rock or Sand?
Suitcase or Backpack?
Church or the Woods?
Tongue or finger?
Tree or bush?
Chile or Bell pepper?
Tomato or Potato?
Money or Love?
Fruit or Flower?
Plant or Mammal?
Plumber or Senator?
Plane or Submarine?
Night or Day?
Dirt or Cardboard?
Restaurant or Home?
Fannie Pack or Shoulder bag?
Gas mask or Sanitary mask?
Tail or Bobbed?
Staple or Pin?
Front or Rear wheel?
Lizard or Bear?
Immortal or mortal
Bow or Gun?
Pistol or Sawed off Shot Gun?
Biology or Astronomy?
Math or Language?
Paperclip or Coat Hanger?
Kiss or Hug?
Glass or Bottle?
Heart or Brain?
Pumpkin or Biscuit?
Walk or Run?
Drive or Backseat?
Mountain or Ocean?
Phone or Ear?
Howl or Roar?
Paper or Tape?
Plank or Concrete block?
T.P. -fold it or wad it?

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