POETRY, Syllable Tapestries


What is this?
This fluid, which stains my check?
The dictionary interprets the tear
as a clear saline liquid secreted from the lachrymal gland
lubricating the surface between eyeball & eyelid.

The scientist insists on theory,
on hypnosis.
How do I support it?
It’s just a sense.
Tears are not for lubrication of the eyes,
but lubrication of the soul.

Is there a connection between love and tear?
How laborious is love?
I snatch the realization,
having squandered my tears,
my love has been consequently trivial
for nothing ever came from it.

Forgiveness is not what I quest.
How could anyone be aware of the wind?
I, who am so difficult to love,
gaze across the room.
It seems there is only one
who is capable of such a burden.
Sun isn’t willing to cry;
So Moon gave me a tear.

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