Don’t forget
to remind you to remember me again.
Or is it,
remind me to remember you?
Either way it’s confusing,
shrouding me in shadow,
and blinding me.
You come and go,
‘walking the wolf.’
Maybe we still have time to be.
Maybe between grief and forgetting,
we still have a chance.
Or is it already too late
and all our misfortune came from the fact?

The pen puts forth Black ink

The pen puts forth Black ink
in a continuous concession of curves and lines
forming a letter
which connects with other letters
creating a word which in itself has put forth a definition
and an emotion in one short glance,
called read.
Add more words .
One can create a sentence,
with adjectives, nouns, verbs,
or what ever mess you’d prefer to put within the sentence.
However once you have rooted the sentence,
it spawns like kudzu down the white paper field:
Thoughts, dialog, poetry
lectures, novels, histories, philosophies
However for poems and dialogues
make sure that you separate the cytoplasm of the words
from the yolk.
And using only the yolk of the word
tempered in heated blood milked from life.
Making the piece delicate but firm
so as it crosses the tongue you can grasp the texture,
just before it melts and incites a riot among your taste buds.
There are so many different techniques
adding some cytoplasm, whipping ’em.
To cause the sentence to rise
forming styles
on how one gets across the point.
But it might be wise to leave the whites in
and add some flour and sugar
when writing a philosophy, religion, or even a history.
For a cake that large,
and an ingredient so heavy
it would surely fall apart.

happy New years eve.

Party at Wolf’s House.

It was a big thing around here.

Every September 23. Wolf would throw a party.

It usually started around eight in the evening,

And wind down around eight in the morning the next day.

Some years he went all out.

If it was a momentous year coming,

Other years it was just a huge pot luck dinner,

And the partakage came after.

I know,

It’s not really new year’s eve;

Albeit, It was for Wolf.

He explained it to me once.

I’m not going to get into all the philosophical,

Religiousical, historical, psychological, physical,

Insanitical parts of it,

You’ll have to let him explain.

I’m just going to tell you

┬áit’s his new year’s eve.

So as I sit here on the back porch.

Drinking a beer,

Knowing somewhere

Wolf is partying,

Cause tomorrow is his birthday.