happy New years eve.

Party at Wolf’s House.

It was a big thing around here.

Every September 23. Wolf would throw a party.

It usually started around eight in the evening,

And wind down around eight in the morning the next day.

Some years he went all out.

If it was a momentous year coming,

Other years it was just a huge pot luck dinner,

And the partakage came after.

I know,

It’s not really new year’s eve;

Albeit, It was for Wolf.

He explained it to me once.

I’m not going to get into all the philosophical,

Religiousical, historical, psychological, physical,

Insanitical parts of it,

You’ll have to let him explain.

I’m just going to tell you

 it’s his new year’s eve.

So as I sit here on the back porch.

Drinking a beer,

Knowing somewhere

Wolf is partying,

Cause tomorrow is his birthday.


to my little drummer girl,

she taught me sex wasn’t a violent thing.

but sweet and loving.

she came to my house

and said

‘someone needs to show you how to make love,

I’m in between boyfriends.

so I’ll come by for awhile and teach you.’

I was 19, 20, 21, don’t remember the age

I might’ve been 22

those years kind of go together for me.

it was a month maybe two

not sure

but I learned I have sex to a sixteenth beat.

I smile when I think about this.

then one day she came by

and told me she met someone

and yes

they married

and have kids now

but to her I have to say

thank you

it was one of the most sweetest things any person has done for me.