I’ve been quiet with all this shit going on this year; albeit, I have to say one thing. ‘Does your conscious bother you?’ Cause mine doesn’t. If I’ve done wrong I’ll be the first to tell you. and apologize. What am I prejudice about? I don’t give a SHIT about your color! I don’t give a SHIT about your sex! I don’t give a SHIT about your financial situation! I don’t give a SHIT about what you do! I don’t give a SHIT about your religion! I don’t give a SHIT about where you came from! I have learned something from all. But I am prejudice about assholes, bullies, Cause well, I know how it feels to be on the other end of that. (I have to thank alot of people for protecting me from that. And yes they were considered the cool people in Athens and Atlanta, but to me they were friends cause they protected me from the assholes. When my sisters were no longer there to protect me.) I am prejudice against rapists, No one has that right To abuse another person sexually To enter another’s body without consent. And yes I know how that feels, Though I have never spoke of it before. And most likely never again. I have forgiven And want to forget; But it changed me. Closed me. I have prejudices against war, murder, hate, Greed.