In my dreams,
I have found a peacefulness,
a forgivingness,
an understanding
in which life in this body has never given me.
In my dreams
I have found friends
who have given me love and freedom
to be what I must in this life.
They have taught me how to live
how to be myself.
Or as Name Giver would mischiefly tell me,
“Smile and laugh, my wolf boy. Spirit is reality,
The body is Un.”

In my dreams I have been to places,
planets and galaxies
I never would’ve had a chance to go in this body.
To visit friends long since past away.
To wish my grandfather a happy birthday.
To visit my friends,
telling ’em things I couldn’t tell ’em in waking hours.

In my dreams
the clocks have no arms
so that time does not move nor stop.
It just travels about in waves
pockets full of hands.

In my dreams, alone & between planets
and the primal sound
the solitary music of the universe played,
congealed and fell,
changing into a star.

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