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Beautiful day

Beautiful day
The sun was open
Shining down
Dusk was the same
Took a nap
Had a dream
of something coming on my face
Dragged myself in the house
And to the bed.

At work the next day
People kept asking
Me two questions.
Did my power go out cause of the storm?
And what was the cut above my eyebrow?

What storm?
The day was beautiful
From my perspective.

And as for the cut above my eyebrow.
Well didn’t know it was there.
Not a mirror person.
Can a dream hurt You?

The next morning
I went out on the porch
To drink my Apple cider
Before I got ready for work
I noticed a broken plate
Where I had been lying on the porch
Gazing at the sky
The night before last
And the potted plant
That had been on it
Beside it
Dirt everywhere.

Then I put it all together.
Dreams can hurt you.

2018, A Mythological Autobiography of a Wolf, dreams

Dream 25 Feb 2018 (wolf stories)

Big boy walks into the kitchen,

Carrying a plastic grocery bag.

He walks up to Sarge

and drops the bag on sarge’s cutting board.

He than turns around

And walks back out of the kitchen.

Everybody in the kitchen goes quiet,

Waiting for

Sarge to snap at him.

But instead,

Sarge just starts laughing.

Opens the bag

And started pulling out the items in the bag:

A rack of lamb, a small bag of.beans, a potato,

A couple of rolls, and two cans of coke.

The silence breaks

As the stainless door to the kitchen

Swings back and forth.

Of course, everybody is talking about what just happened

And wondering what it was all about.

Sarge looks over to Wolf,

“Ok, I know you are wondering what just happened.”

” Yeah. ”

“Well, Big Boy, lost a bet. ”

Wolf looked puzzled. “But what does that have to do with that?”

” that’s what he eats after he gets off.

He bet that for a month. And lost. ”

Wolf just stared at the food on the cutting board.

Sarge continued.

“He bet his meal, and it goes to a dish dog.”

Wolf laughed. “He’s on a diet.”

“Yes, he is now.”

2018, dreams

A strange dream

I’m living in a small houseĀ 

and a my best friend is this girl.

We’re both kids.

We have a thing for each other

We do everything with each other.

I guess we girl friend and not friend.

But as the dream goes on.

She stops getting older.

And I do get older.

At the end of the dream.

I see she likes this boy.

And as a man

I introduce them to each other

Walk out the door as they are talking to each other

Get in my car

To begin to drive away.

And wake up.


Dream 12dec17

-do you have five hundred hours? The kid asked me.

-what do you mean? I replied back

– Five hundred hours of working in the kitchen.

– Why does that matter?

-cause then I can make more money.

-how that? I asked back.
Does it really matter 500 hundred hours,
500 hundred days,
Even 500 hundred weeks.
I’ve done it all
But that’s not how you make more money in the kitchen,
Or even rise in the kitchen.

-what do you mean?

-it’s easy. If you want to ride in the kitchen,
And make more money.
When your, say, working on fry,
And you got nothing to do.
You can ask to the person on saute,
Or grill, or anybody in the kitchen,
Even the chef,
What you can do to help.

-and what does that matter?

-it’s simple.
If you help other people in the kitchen
You learn.
You gain repect.
You rise.

I wake up.