posters of poems and paintings

This is something new for me,
well in away.
when I was in Athens
I’d get out of the clubs or bars
depending on the night.
and who was playing.
and go to Kinko’s
where I had friends who worked the late night shift;
and I’d help them;
and they’d let me work on the computers.
I’d work on my poetry,
make books,
and posters.
than around sunrise,
I’d walk home to my house,
and leave posters of the work I did
on the doors of my friends
as I walked past their houses.

I’d take the long way home,
by walking through Campus
and leave posters of poems and drawings
on the bulletin boards.

Well this I guess is just another way
to leave posters of my poems and paintings
along the streets and roads
of the internet.

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