Had been walking around the neighborhood
For awhile,
Lupa was with me.
We went by brad’s house
And had a thought.
Talked awhile.
And then went back out,
Walking the streets again.
Lupa stopped
and paid her federal taxes in the bushes.
My favorite place for her to do so.
Cause I didn’t have to bag it.
Then we went home.

When I opened up the door to my house.
The main room, ie. The living room,
Was my studio.
There were canvasesall around .
And I started on a painting.
On the this canvas
that was like my libray chair,
That was a chair,
But if you folded it in a way it became a ladder.
Although it had a lot mlre hinges and
And appearances.
And a lot more space to paint on.
So when you move it about.
The image that I had painted on it
became different things.

There was a knock on the door,
And the woman
Who was in the dream a couple of nights ago
Was standing in the doorway,
When I opened it.
She had come by to remind me on our date tonight.

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