A Mythological Autobiography of a Wolf, POETRY


I was such a frail child,
A solitary student
with few friends.
I stood alone. Aloof.
Transfixed by the movement of the rustling leaves
as I stared up at the sky
through the dense foliage of the trees
without joy or sadness, just fear.
It flowed through my veins
as I wished for Eagle wings.

I remained hidden within the woods for years,
My feet became roots
planting themselves deep within the earth.
However, my sisters, in their rage
fought off the world for me, for a time,
with lunch boxes, rocks, and pine cones.

I crept through the darkest entrails of the forest.
When I stuck my head out from their shelter,
with shock, my life widened out across the sky
hidden by concrete mountains
and the earth webbed with tar rivers.
They were no where to be seen.

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