A thought on Ants

I learned something a few days back
about ants.

Ants can’t eat the food they get.
They have to bring it back to the colony;
then the larvae break it down.
The larvae eat and regurgitate the food,
so the adult ants can eat.
So my first question was.
What came first the ant or the larva?
Then my next question.
When down through the evolution of the ant,
did this happen?

But I guess I need to tell you
why ants have this problem.
It’s their waist line.
It’s so small.

Ok, now back to these thoughts
and trying to answer my own questions.

There’s a story in the history of the Hopi,
a Native American tribe,
about one of the end of the world cycles
there’d been three so far.
I’m pulling this off the back shelves of my brain
so I can’t remember which end it was,
the first, second or the third;
or if the end was flame, flood, or something else;
nevertheless, the ants took the Hopi’s into their home
and being such good hosts,
they fed the Hopi well, eating little themselves.
So over time the ants kept tightening their belts
so that they are as they are now,
having those thin model Barbe doll waists.

So maybe that’s the answer to the questions.
Seems a little crazy, I know;
but, the insect guy who told me the facts about the ants
had no explanation,
so I had to make up my own theory.

Feel free to reply with your thoughts on the whole matter,
’cause I still wonder
what is truth?
And what is Memorex.

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