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Thought 13dec2019

life is a frightful entity,
stupid, crude, and cruel.
It can not be helped.
we are responsible,
and must hold ourselves accountable.

It has been written
and preached
when one is born,
and immediately is guilty.
How can that be?
Is being innocent, a crime?
What is the crime, really?
I have a wild impulse to smash something.
to completely let loose
with a baseball bat.
but where?

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the center of the hurricane

In life
things whirl about you.
the very ground we walk and stand upon
and, the earth in itself
orbits the sun.
and all that spins.
the universe.

As a child,
I’d spin
and spin and spin
and spin
and frail about
crashing into things
and in that strange state of vertigo,
I was the center of a hurricane.
I was standing still
and everything else was spinning.

every wheel has a center
the center of our galaxy is the sun.
Where is the center of the universe?
Is that where we will find god?


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a line
that hovered on one wall,
went to the end
and then came back around
on the other wise.

three hours of thinking
of how if only I had not
followed those other two cars.
as I watch
the people in the court.
not the ones with the traffic tickets
but the ones who had to do this everyday.

I thought of a book.
something about always
having a towel.
the Vogon,
and so long and thanks for all the fish.
I felt sorry for those people.
there was a focus on repetitiveness.

it was a nightmare for me
just being there for a few hours.
think of them
for days,

[to be thought about more later on]