I don’t remember much of the back story
or really why I at the university that I was at
or why I was walking through the building thhat I was.
but I walked into a class that was finishing
an exam
there was a lithe brunette hair woman teacher
and I stopped
with my back pack on my shoulder
and I saw she was in some distress

“are you alright?”

at first she was defensive
than she
i guess saw the sincerity on my face.
and told me.

damn its slipping.
but to put the the whole thing in a package
was we talked
and we got into god
it seemed
she had been a Catholic
all her life she had gone to church
and she had stopped
and she was bothered

and I
well I as i told her I got my self baptized when I was eight
never really went to church much after that
but I studied all religions
believed all were the same god.
and she just began
breaking down and crying
I held her
while all her students just looked on
it was OK.
and then she went blind.

“I can’t see”

was what she kept repeating.
I told her calm down.
and look into herself
in her minds eye
don’t worry about what the texts said.

what did she see
I can’t tell you
but she calmed down.
kissed me,
and thanked me
told me she could see again.
and just held me
asking me not to let go.
so we sat there on the floor
with her sleeping bag and book
holding one another.

that’s when i woke up
with my keyboard beside my head on the floor.

now after I typed this
little facts start coming to my mind.
she was teaching a anthropology class.
it was a night class.
I don’t know why they all had their sleeping bags.
the class number was 477.
she had a little note grasped in her hand
it was where she wrote her poetry.
i’m not sure any more if she was Catholic,
but that just that she went to church ever since she was a child.

its almost gone,
just her out of focus face
and thee smell of her perfume.
and now that is slipping away to.

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