Dream image 18nov17

‘we’ve known each other for a long time now.

-yes we have? He replied as he was driving them to work.

– Don’t make a joke out of us.

He glanced at her. her eyes. 

He quickly turned his attention to the car in front of them

As He saw the red of their tail likes come on.

-no I don’t think I will.

Pulled the car off at the next street.

It was some subdivision.

Stopped in front of somebody’s mailbox.

Leaned over 

And kissed her.

(I know I have strange dreams.

first the one about white face boy and now this one. 

I was the he, the  scene before the kiss scene was 

Some joke he/I had with a friend in front of the house

While she was walking up.To get in the car.

There was a flash to a telephone screen.

There were single words that popped up

Like I guess text messages.

The last word is the only one I remember. Fixable.

Her face was blurry. But I know she had brunette hair.)

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