A Mythological Autobiography of a Wolf, POETRY

Sulfur and Gunpowder

There’s the smell of sulfur and gunpowder
which filled my nostrils
as I lit the rocket.
Stepping back,
head tilted back 45 degrees upward,
I bumped into Ray,
who wrapped her arms around me
to help me maintain my balance.

The Rocket shot up through the buildings
and blew,
echoing about the glass and concrete.
Sparks propelled out from the blast,
bouncing off the windows,
and floating downwards to fade into the streetlights.

The smell of sulfur and gunpowder again
wafted toward me;
another rocket propelled itself into the sky exploding.

Sirens sound from the distance,
drawing toward us.
Sarge’s voice broke our gaze upward.
“Come on, cops are coming.”

He spun around and headed into an alley
disappearing among the shadows of the dumpsters
and concrete mountains.
My heart started beating faster,
and Ray’s voice whispered in my ear.
“one more.”
I grinned, “girl you’re as crazy as I am.”
I knelt down and pulled the bottle to me.
“Just happen to have one.”

As I lit the fuse
standing up to watch it explode,
Ray grabbed my hand
and ran
pulling me behind her.
We crossed the street,
and headed into the alley.

The bottle Rocket went off;
the explosion echoed thro’ the city streets,
sending sparks
reflecting off the windows.
Our shadows faded into the streetlights.

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