In a factory
I’m in the resistance 
Carry a different pass, 
the name is different 
Than what is on my hand.
I  had been going in 
and sabotaging it.
The place was on lock down.
I had to go through some extra security check.
This time
These two women 
Took me under their wing.
We can get through in numbers.
Confuse it.
All showing are it’s at the same time.
We show em our names
 on the right hand at the same time.

(Interesting thing, i remember
I had gone back and forth,
To staircase
And elevator.
For a little while
Trying to find the place of less resistance 
That’s when i ran into the two women.
I went to highschool with them.

Also, the factory and everything was run by robots)

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