A Mythological Autobiography of a Wolf, POETRY

That younger brother

That younger brother

We all know how it is to be lost,
listless, incapable of facing the world.
Consciousness diffuses and spreads
as butter melts in a plate underneath a heat-lamp.
We try to focus on an idea;
however, the mind refuses to grasp.
In this state of consciousness
an act of humiliation or disaster makes us worse,
plunging us lower into the depths;
into a state where no effort seems worth taking.
The butter underneath the heat-lamp,
a dehydrated brown stain.
When something seizes our interest,
goes our way,
one has energy, velocity and force;
suddenly, meaning is self evident.
It’s all around for the taking or asking.
As we examine our past and moods of defeat,
we experience a feeling of pity and remorse,
that younger brother’s weaker less mature decision.

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