thoughts and notes 23may18

Different birds

Twrip , whistle, and sing

in the line and oak trees above me

with a background of cars and trucks

and alarms and a plane or two

 leaving long strip clouds

Spreading out in the sky.I


he reaches over

And pulls up a rose Bush’s branch of

And smells the rose and end of it

It reminds him of her

The smell, the colors, and the thorns.

He lets the the branch slip from his scars fingers

 it falls

And then bounces alittle,

As he walks away.

To the edge of the pond 

At the back of the condos

That do a half circle around it.

It taken him eleven years,

But he feels it’s time

To see if he could walk on water again.


Why are we what we?

Why do we do the things we do?

For what reasons do we think,

We are better than all other living creatures 


On this planet we dub as earth?we

Is God the same God every where 

And we just just call it by different names?

Or is it muliple gods.?

I think that if it was multiple God’s

They’d be waring a lot more.

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