Too Early

I wanted the light inside
to awaken
not just flood in
so bright
that it blinded us.

I wanted our eyelids
to rise with the sun,
ray by ray
echoing through the depths
of the aged tree
within the tranquility
of a spring
rolling from the mountain ridge
swept into the river
to make its way to the ocean.

I wanted our dreams
to drift
waking at the edge
of the great falls;
by the edge,
fishing pole
put down.

I wanted to orbit the star
as I studied the magnitude,
not collide
scorching sheets
and sleeping bag.

“Times are hard for dreamers.”
Name-Giver stated.

yea, maybe
but I can cook a good meal.
What does that give me?

“Probably not that much”

But I can do it
for 250 people in one night.

“What does that matter?”


Go to sleep.”

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