1996, High Flying Stowaway, songs


walking down the road
feeling mighty mean
got a switch blade knife
in my pocket you see
cut you mighty quick
cut you mighty clean
tried of hearing your lies
and a digging your holes

Rabbit’s got a fast jet-set life
BMW, credit card style
digging his hole
all he knows is take take take

It’s not my place
it’s not my way
It’s not my face
It’s not my problem

My head is a spinning
and holding my ground
walking down the street
going where I can’t be found
ain’t gonna sit
ain’t gonna dig
that troubling hole you should know

Turtle going mighty stoned
at least he knows which way he go
at least he’s not digging a hole


I’m a walking and a thinking
thinking about the day
never had a head on my shoulders anyway
you can’t hold it up
and don’t want it round

Little Peter’s running and he can’t be found
little bitty brain’s working over time
holding up my body and making me
whine whine whine


Little bitty rabbit is a digging mighty fast
putting himself away from ole coyote
The turtle keeps a going though mighty stoned
at least he’s not a digging a hole

Holding my head it’s getting mighty tired
no one can tell me where I’ve been
don’t even remember last night’s drunk.


Ole rabbit done dug his hole
and the turtle keeps moving
holding his head, looking kind of mean
knows he’s got some plan be seen

Then comes along the big bad wolf
digging a hole what does he see
rabbit stew
hum hum hum