In a factory
I’m in the resistance 
Carry a different pass, 
the name is different 
Than what is on my hand.
I  had been going in 
and sabotaging it.
The place was on lock down.
I had to go through some extra security check.
This time
These two women 
Took me under their wing.
We can get through in numbers.
Confuse it.
All showing are it’s at the same time.
We show em our names
 on the right hand at the same time.

(Interesting thing, i remember
I had gone back and forth,
To staircase
And elevator.
For a little while
Trying to find the place of less resistance 
That’s when i ran into the two women.
I went to highschool with them.

Also, the factory and everything was run by robots)


Dream 25nov17

Putting cream in the meringue?
selling them on the streets
In athens.
Lemon meringue.
Seems it was able to sit out in the sun
Without melting.

What ever
Going back to sleep

(Just so people who don’t know how meringue is made.
It is at always done with whipped egg whites.
And Sugar. Maybe some flavour, but…

You won’t put cream in it.

It wouldn’t be meringue.)


Dream 24nov17

It all began with a rabbit , a mouse,  Crickett, and the enemy of all a cat

And the day Christmas was stolen by wind
who came across the backyard,  they all lived in..

It was a day before Christmas,

And rabbit, mouse, and cricket we’re sitting around a lawn light keeping warm, while cricket was singing a Christmas song. When cat showed up well anounced with the bell that was tied around his neck clanking, and asked if he could join them.

Cat was still licking the cat food off his lips when he showed up. They all had their presents for each other sitting beside the lawn light. So as they all sang Christmas carols wind came down from the east and blew off with their presents.

So cricket jumped up on rabbits back, as mouse on cats back. And off they went chasing after wind.


Dream 21nov17

i had been in the Big A for awhile.
In some apartment building.
It’s one I’ve been in before
In dreams past.


I had already found Buddy,
And he was back at the apartment.
And then I drove all the way to Athens.
Or should I say teleported
Cause I was in the apartment,
With Buddy telling him
I was going to look for his mother.
And the next moment
I was parking the ‘I Sues You’ pick-up truck.
In some alley way in Athens.
This wasn’t ┬áthe normal Athens,
This was my dream Athens.
It’s a little different.
One day I’ll describe it to you
But not now.


I was walking around.
And then I went into that store.
Which was on the street between
What was once the Varsity
And the restaurant,
That descended into the arches
You went under to go to the university.
Sorry I can’t remember the names.
I have the woman a remote control for her stero.


And then went out looking for Lupa.
I want walked a few streets.
And then I started whistling
And here comes Lupa
Her tailored butt wagging.
I got down on my knees and hugged her
Then we started walking back to the truck.
Then a woman walked-ran up to me.
Good me how pretty Lup a was
And how good a trained dog she was.
But Lupa wasn’t going to slow down.
I had to reach down and catch her butt.
And say stop.
And finally she stopped.
I snapped my fingers and she sat.I
I apologize for lupa not wanting to stop.
That she had been in the streets of athens for awhile,
And was ready to go home.
A few days The woman asked.
I replied
No months.
The brunette hair woman
told me her name was cause’Mary something’
But then told me that was her name when she was married
And then started to tell me her real name.
That’s when I woke up.

(Things you need to know.
Lupa and Buddy. Were my dogs. Australian sheperds.
The best dogs in the world.

I got Lupa as a Christmas present.
And we started traveling all over the country
for about 12 years in , you guessed it,
The ‘I Sues You’pickup. A isuzu maroon pup truck.
Lupa ran off of normal speach commands.
I didnt talk to her like one would a dog.
She also went by hand commands.
No leach.

Anyway Buddy was from her second litter.
Her first was when she was raped.
I am being serious.
Rape is a serious, sad thing.
And i dont joke about that.
And what i know about that
On a personal experence is another story all together.

But when lupa was in her first heat,
A dog whos name was dick head,
broke into the house i was staying at.
And raped her.
And as soon as she weened the puppies
I found homes for them all
And we were back on the road.

Now for six years lupa
Wouldn’t let a male dog get near her.
And when she was heat
She was really mean to them.

Then she met Alfie a red merl aussie.
And she even laid down to make love with him.
Cause he was an old dog.
That was the litter buddy came from.
She was a great mother to that litter.
She taught them everything.
In the morning.
When they had to pay their taxes,
That was her command to use the restroom.
Shed wake me up.
And went all outside
And they’d go and pay their taxes.

We were slow at finding homes for all the puppies.
But we found good homes for all.
It took a couple of years,
And i kept buddy.
Moma’s boy.
I didn’t have to train buddy at all
Lupa did it for me.
She lived to be 15.
And he lasted six years.
I miss them alot.

So that is the short version of the two dogs.


Dream 18nov17

An half Indian boy
is raised by his white grand parents
Until they die,
When he was fifteen.
He is know as White Face Tail.

He is put in a foster home.
Which he can not stand
He is beat up many times
And called squaw boy
By the other kids.

He soon runs away.
And goes back to the house of his grand parents
And goes to the back yard of the house
And digs up the bones of this pet dog.

He takes the skull and raps it
In a t shirt and puts it in his back pack
And then hikes to an idian revervatiron

White face tail
Makes it to a trading post
On the side of a state highwathe
He begs for food
Some man gives him a plate of food
But throws it on the ground

The white man is about to kick dirt on it
Before he gives it him
White face boy,
Moves it with his mind
And makes the plate move
And then the plate of food
Dances around on the ground
Until it makes it to his feet.

White face boy
Picks up the bacon on the plate
And bikes into it.
It tastes awful.
He hates bacon.
Doesnt eat pork.
So he spits it out.

The indian who runs the post
Asks him who he is looking for
He answers
His mother.

When asked who she was.
He answers she will know it is me.

Through out the dream
There is a medicine man singing
A indian song.
In an indian language.

Many times
Theres flashes of an owl in a tree.
And the call of the owl.
And at times
It says come home my boy.

When i woke
I tried to go back to sleep
But couldnt
I wanted to see more of this dream.
Understand it.

But when i felt it slipping from my mind
I decided to write it down.
I lived the dream hrough the boys eyes.

There some part of it.
Where i remember he gazed through a wall
And saw a man and a woman
Holding each other on a bed.
And then looked through another wall
To a man eating
While sitting on the hotel bed.
The feelings I had when I woke was

Thirsty, hungry,
Had the awful taste of bacon in my mouth,
And deep feeling on lonelyness.