2002, A Mythological Autobiography of a Wolf, POETRY, The River

Flash light to the stars

Flash light to the stars.

There’s much to say;
which cannot be said.
There’s much which has been lost.
Simplicity’s Diversities.
I was born with desires
as all men.
this fleshly body
questing for spirit, love, and….,
I so desperately need.
The black river I’ve taken
hasn’t been a high one.
The things I’ve done
don’t link to self pity, nor pride,
but matter of factly:
a pop up.
The black river isn’t marked well.
There’s No GPS nor search engine.
The channel markers are so far apart
It’s hard to see ‘em.
if ya don’t know your heading to the exact degree,
you can easily find yourself grounded
easy prey to the waves
as the storm grows.