Marta [2001]

This time when Marta awoke
Wolf hadn’t even gone to sleep
the lamp in the corner etched the room in a dim shadow.
The whole thing, the metal cage,
the bright lights through the windows
the concrete slabs and pillars
the confusing smiles
a trace of a woman’s scent lingered.
and yet all was not right
the land was wrong
Wolf was not home.
The plants, the lamps,
the books,
an alien scent was about.
Wolf tried to remember last night;
but he could narrowly remember
the smell of perfume filling his nostrils
his legs throbbed
and his first instinct
the one which had saved him so many times before
poked around the nerves in his brain
He gathered up his legs
and ran out of the room down the hall
and outside
the lock clicking shut the door
Wolf suddenly realized he had been asleep
and found himself locked outside in this underwear.
All he had to do was buzz Emilio.


Wolf has a big problem,
He realizes
as he foggingly quests for Emilio’s Magic 3
As he stares at the numbers
and the buzzers above them.
They are not familiar.
He didn’t know which room he had come from
nor even where he was in the city;
or to make matters worse,
he was beginning to doubt he was even in the city.
The air about him was different,
the smells more stall, tart.
The season was wrong.
it was cold.
He remembers warmth.
Was that even Marta shaking the room.
Where was he now?
How did he get there?
How would he get his clothes,
so these people would quit staring at him?

Wolf’s instincts scrambled to attention.
The chemical’s were still in his blood,
as he tried to get a fix on his position.
There were no trees
as the grey smog clouds tumbled from the sky.
His eyes gritty.

Suddenly the door clicked.
A woman’s face came in out of focus through the dirty glass of the
She opened the door all the way,
her eyes met Wolf’s,
she smiled “Wolf, get inside.”
the voice was familiar though it sounded wrong
as if it was put through a Flanger,
or a chorus.

He remained statuesque.
“Silly man, get inside before you catch a cold,
and then give it to me.”
She reached out takes him by the hand and pulls him to her.
The lips, the teeth, the tongue
were all narrowly fitting,
‘can’t turn away a beautiful woman in her robe,
and has your clothes.”

Wolf followed her back into the room. 27
He remembered to look this time
better remember it just In case.

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