Dream 14nov17

What a strange night of dreams
Most seem to be related to the restaurant
But the images were all over the place
But no cooking or any service stuff.
There was trying to find a good parking place
Early in the morning 
When the lot was empty
So I could get out easy
When everybody was leaving.
Or where to put my knife roll
When I left so no one would take my knives.
or climbing up to the top of a storage shelf
To get some towels 
That had been hidden
Cause there weren’t any in the kitchen
To find out 
They were gone
And had been replaced 
With paper towels

Another image
Was me talking with Julie
One of our hostesses at the hosted stand
About fish
Mostly the migratory habits of salmon.

The last thing was 
when I woke up this was scribbled on a piece of paper by my head.

-my brother sends me something ever ten days. He smiled
-for you I’ll just say Ferrell. Send me a little extra for my friend.

We look at the Greek tragedies 
And I think Shit I got poems long than that.

What that means
I have no idea.

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