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words poem 2

What are these creatures ,
which form upon the paper
in long black swirling paths,
or now sometimes across the computer screen
in pixels and dots.
But what are these things?
They try to convey what we feel inside;
What we want to say
think we’re saying,
and hoping people will understand what we’re saying.
We use hand gestures and expressions
Actions and motions
These syllable tapestries we call words
Each word as simple as father
Brings meanings that are different with each person.
We use words to try to explain an experience
Or A feeling such as love.
however only a picture of this can be expressed.
One hopes when her eyes look at you,
That she understands.

Being strange to one person is a bad word
While to another it’s a compliment.
As I sit out hear I listen to the birds
hear ‘em sing,
the water running over the rocks
and I see words in my head form into pictures
and those pictures are memories.

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