Goodbye is Always Implied

When you came by,
You always wanted something,
A bit of my soul.

I can’t deneign i love you.
That’s a given.
But trust is a whole nother matter.

Yes when you come by
Goodbye is always implied.
How many times have you come by
And then left.

So when i actually left you.
You might wonder what you said
That gave me the strength
to break your grip on my heart.

It was the words.
‘If we make it through this.
I think i’ll marry you.’

And knew that was a lie.
So while you were out to your dealer.
I packed what was left of my stuff,
That you hadn’t pawned to pay him off.

No longer was i going to enable you.
No longer was i going to let you rape my soul.
No, when you say hi,
Goodbye is always implied.

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