Dream 12dec17

-do you have five hundred hours? The kid asked me.

-what do you mean? I replied back

– Five hundred hours of working in the kitchen.

– Why does that matter?

-cause then I can make more money.

-how that? I asked back.
Does it really matter 500 hundred hours,
500 hundred days,
Even 500 hundred weeks.
I’ve done it all
But that’s not how you make more money in the kitchen,
Or even rise in the kitchen.

-what do you mean?

-it’s easy. If you want to ride in the kitchen,
And make more money.
When your, say, working on fry,
And you got nothing to do.
You can ask to the person on saute,
Or grill, or anybody in the kitchen,
Even the chef,
What you can do to help.

-and what does that matter?

-it’s simple.
If you help other people in the kitchen
You learn.
You gain repect.
You rise.

I wake up.

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