dream 14dec17 Condor road

A toad of bridges that goes through 
Rivers and swamp
Very picture esqe.

Vines and all kind of animals all about 
Birds nesting in the vines 
And trusles.
Spanish moss
Trees are actually part of the bride
Which is really old.

Too bad I can’t draw which this thing.

As I go about 
Travelling up this road
There’s wrong going on
All I remember of the song 
Is the chorus

Condor road

The road is dirt and gravel
As I said when the rivers go perpendicular across it
There is no bridge
You waid through it.
Some are shallow
Others you have to swim across
But there’s no flow
It doesn’t take you down.
It’s just standing water.

And that song.
Going on and on
Condor road.

It’s song.
Very tribal
Lots of voices singing it.
With drums.

And when it ends
It comes into the city
Which has lots of colors,
While the  condor road part of all Grey’s and blacks,
With just the greens of the vines and moss.

(Think about the pictures of the roads going under trees
 with spanis moss hanging from them.)
Want to paint it 

Condor – like the bird. I think is a vulture.

There are also huge tracks of farm land on the sides of the road.
Rice fields and other kinds of farms.
There is talk of a body buried some where
Of a person no one has reported missing.
I don’t remember who it is.

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