2018, A Mythological Autobiography of a Wolf, dreams

Dream 25 Feb 2018 (wolf stories)

Big boy walks into the kitchen,

Carrying a plastic grocery bag.

He walks up to Sarge

and drops the bag on sarge’s cutting board.

He than turns around

And walks back out of the kitchen.

Everybody in the kitchen goes quiet,

Waiting for

Sarge to snap at him.

But instead,

Sarge just starts laughing.

Opens the bag

And started pulling out the items in the bag:

A rack of lamb, a small bag of.beans, a potato,

A couple of rolls, and two cans of coke.

The silence breaks

As the stainless door to the kitchen

Swings back and forth.

Of course, everybody is talking about what just happened

And wondering what it was all about.

Sarge looks over to Wolf,

“Ok, I know you are wondering what just happened.”

” Yeah. ”

“Well, Big Boy, lost a bet. ”

Wolf looked puzzled. “But what does that have to do with that?”

” that’s what he eats after he gets off.

He bet that for a month. And lost. ”

Wolf just stared at the food on the cutting board.

Sarge continued.

“He bet his meal, and it goes to a dish dog.”

Wolf laughed. “He’s on a diet.”

“Yes, he is now.”

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