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My knee

My knee

I got a flat.
Right in the middle of service,
thought it was just the weather
That happens sometimes,
A slow leek,
Just plug it
A little something something for the pain
And keep on going.

But that didn’t work this time.,
The tiles behind the line were just too hard.
It kept going flat
And I was forced to go around on the rim,
With a towel wrapped tightly around it,
‘Til I was able to get to the mechanic,
Who told me that there might be a tear
On the meniscus side
And it had to be sown up ;
But he wasn’t really sure.

So I went to a specialist on tires and frames.
He pok’d and twist’d my tire,
Took some pictures of my frame
And said the frame was fine.
I knew that
But still the pictures were taken.
And as with all mechanics
I pay for it;
Even if they weren’t needed
Or couldn’t do anything about it.

So then I was hook’d up to the dianasitic machine
And they listen’d to the sounds of electronic jack hammers
While I couldn’t move
In a white claustrophobic tube,
And gave it to me on a cd.

Lets say that’s the most expensive cd
I’ve ever bought.

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