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With a Pale Widow Smile.

When the black dress falls to the floor,
I can’t breathe.
Asleep, now?
-don’t act so surprised
A smile tenderly crosses her face;
the candle light flickers;
and stars form in her eyes.
There are words written on the wall
with a jumbo Sharpe.
‘Memories share themselves with you.’
My heart is miles away,
buried in a jar
in my sister’s backyard,
with bones and feathers,
and a Minnesota Red Pipestone pipe.
Got to remember to dig it up before,
she moves.
Dreams cross the room,
the memories seem so clear,
the evidence has been displayed and argued
in every poem.
-don’t get up
or go sentimentalist on me.
She said,
with a pale widow smile


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My knee

My knee

I got a flat.
Right in the middle of service,
thought it was just the weather
That happens sometimes,
A slow leek,
Just plug it
A little something something for the pain
And keep on going.

But that didn’t work this time.,
The tiles behind the line were just too hard.
It kept going flat
And I was forced to go around on the rim,
With a towel wrapped tightly around it,
‘Til I was able to get to the mechanic,
Who told me that there might be a tear
On the meniscus side
And it had to be sown up ;
But he wasn’t really sure.

So I went to a specialist on tires and frames.
He pok’d and twist’d my tire,
Took some pictures of my frame
And said the frame was fine.
I knew that
But still the pictures were taken.
And as with all mechanics
I pay for it;
Even if they weren’t needed
Or couldn’t do anything about it.

So then I was hook’d up to the dianasitic machine
And they listen’d to the sounds of electronic jack hammers
While I couldn’t move
In a white claustrophobic tube,
And gave it to me on a cd.

Lets say that’s the most expensive cd
I’ve ever bought.