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Notes on today 17may18

Strange day

A lot of cuts today

Not just me.

Mine was quick early

And still hasn’t stopped bleeding.

It wasn’t a large one.

But as chef said

‘You bleed a lot anyway.’

‘Yeah, I replied. But bleeding cleans out the wound. I don’t get much infections.’

Three other people cut themselves

But all here nicks.

There was an off campus function

At a Jewish movie thingies.

I went to it a few years back.

It was cold that time

Cause I wore my east German wall guard coat.

No at work has forgotten that.

They bring it up every year.

They call it a Nazi coat.

But every year

I have to remind them

It’s Soviet.

It rained all night.

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Beautiful day

Beautiful day
The sun was open
Shining down
Dusk was the same
Took a nap
Had a dream
of something coming on my face
Dragged myself in the house
And to the bed.

At work the next day
People kept asking
Me two questions.
Did my power go out cause of the storm?
And what was the cut above my eyebrow?

What storm?
The day was beautiful
From my perspective.

And as for the cut above my eyebrow.
Well didn’t know it was there.
Not a mirror person.
Can a dream hurt You?

The next morning
I went out on the porch
To drink my Apple cider
Before I got ready for work
I noticed a broken plate
Where I had been lying on the porch
Gazing at the sky
The night before last
And the potted plant
That had been on it
Beside it
Dirt everywhere.

Then I put it all together.
Dreams can hurt you.