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With a Pale Widow Smile.

When the black dress falls to the floor,
I can’t breathe.
Asleep, now?
-don’t act so surprised
A smile tenderly crosses her face;
the candle light flickers;
and stars form in her eyes.
There are words written on the wall
with a jumbo Sharpe.
‘Memories share themselves with you.’
My heart is miles away,
buried in a jar
in my sister’s backyard,
with bones and feathers,
and a Minnesota Red Pipestone pipe.
Got to remember to dig it up before,
she moves.
Dreams cross the room,
the memories seem so clear,
the evidence has been displayed and argued
in every poem.
-don’t get up
or go sentimentalist on me.
She said,
with a pale widow smile


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Is the cause of the suffering within life the letter ‘I’?

The external world
and how we experience it
is constantly changing;
as we are constantly changing.
Our sensations,
our minds,
our consciousness,
our character,
all are in perpetual flux.

Trying to identify a permanent self
is futile;
because a permanent
or independent self really doesn’t exist.
So as one quests for the cause ,
the why,
for suffering,
one sees that everything is fleeting,
and changing;
there’s nothing one can put your finger one,
to say,
that is the cause of the pain.

it’s sort of like saying,
one was born on this day,
and that was when I began,
but what about nine months before ,
when the sperm met the Oocyte,
and formed the zygote.
or the meeting of ones mother and father,
and on and on.

So when some one calls me white,
it is not true.
I have Celtic, Pike, Norwegian, Frank, Roman,
Cherokee, Iroquois, Bulgarian, Bavaria,
Neanderthal, Anglo Saxon, Norman,
Denisovan, and on and on.

Is the cause of the suffering within life the letter ‘I’?

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Hey, Hey, Hey [a night at the opera]

Hey, Hey, Hey
[a night at the opera]

Wolf glances up
through the glass walls
which line the kitchen.
People, waiting to be seated,
stare in
at the kitchen exhibit
of controlled chaos.

Wolf spots Miss Tiggers
in her black dress,
cut low
freckled cleavage
and then goes back to
making deserts.

He spins around
and takes some more orders
from the printer
as it prints ’em out;
and goes about
building plates of sugar, flour, and cream.

He starts to hum
and a song comes out
from under this breath,
as he puts the desserts
upon the stainless steel shelf
and begins the next order.

‘Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
lookin’ thro’ the window of my cage.
watching her with my gaze.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.’

Wolf spins around.
opens the cooler door behind him,
grabs a Crème Brule
and spins back around.
to the rhythm of the song in his head.

‘Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.’

He rolls Raw Sugar
over the top of it,
levels it out.
reaches out,
grabs the torch,
precedes to light it,
and then flips it,
singing his little song.

‘Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
looking thro’ the window
kinda going crazy
thinking ’bout a lady.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.’

He drops the Crème Brule on a plate;
he’d ready on the stainless steel shelf
drops a Madeleine on the top,
dusts it with powdered sugar,
and starts to the next order,

‘Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.’

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Thought 13dec2019

life is a frightful entity,
stupid, crude, and cruel.
It can not be helped.
we are responsible,
and must hold ourselves accountable.

It has been written
and preached
when one is born,
and immediately is guilty.
How can that be?
Is being innocent, a crime?
What is the crime, really?
I have a wild impulse to smash something.
to completely let loose
with a baseball bat.
but where?